Jon Brand

5/16/24 Tons of new glass added, And a custom knife from John W. Smith!

Check out the new glass work by Josh Simpson, Dr. Treso from Witch Dr Studios and more including sculpture and marbles!  A new beautiful John W. Smith NY Special folder also added. Things may be a little slow, but things are happening! New coins coming in future! Don’t forget to check back! While nothing is actively for sale, sometimes I move things out of my personal collection to new collectors. If something really interests you let me know. The email function on here seems to be NOT functioning, so please use the Instagram link to find and contact me on there. Happy collecting! I am working on a new page for functional glass art. Please inquire if interested in seeing.

Lots of New Glass 12/20/23

New Josh Simpson glass vases added and a marble by Ginny Snodgrass. I have not had time for many updates this year but plan to get back at it so stay tuned.

Happy Spring! New Knives and Glass 3/27/22

It’s been a while since my last update! A few new things are in the works.

1) Glass-  I have added a “Glass” gallery to showcase some of the hand blown glass art I’ll be adding to the site.  The first pieces will include some beautiful work by world renown artist Josh Simpson out of Shelburne, MA. These include a small vase, and a “megaplanet” orb, both from his famous “Corona” glass series.

2) Steel- Another project in the works is a folding knife from Mastersmith Don Hanson who builds amazing sole authorship knives in Success, MO. This knife will feature Don’s damascus steel and beautiful mammoth ivory scales, built with titanium liners and a damascus pocket clip. Keep your eyes peeled for updates and photos as this project unfolds. This is a long standing order with Don which is finally coming to fruition. The knife will reside in my personal collection and will not be available.


New Material

I have made some recent changes to my collection. All non gold material is now sold as I have committed to building a quality Indian Quarter Eagle set. Keep an eye out for new material. I will also be adding some new utilitarian knives and posting a few for sale.

Coming Soon

This page is currently under construction.