Welcome! Here you will find a collection of custom handmade knives and rare United States coins. Despite the extraordinary craftsmanship they exhibit, custom knives as an art form are relatively unknown. Although they hover on the brink of achieving main stream popularity I have created this site in order to display my evolving collection to as many people that can be reached. The knives represent the work of some of my favorite artists. Each knife is meticulously hand-made by individual craftsman using the highest grade materials available. Most of the Damascus Steel used on these knives is forged with quality carbon tool steel which is manipulated into ornate mosaic patterns by using a forge and hammers. Many of the knives shown here were designed and built to my specifications while others were secondary market purchases.

My goal is to contribute to these communities in any way possible to help ensure their survival and growth. I have been collecting handmade knives since 1997 and coins even longer. Over the recent years I have refined my tastes quite a bit with a focus on high quality, eye appealing products.  The intention of this site is not to sell… However, I am always upgrading my collection and a ‘for sale’ section has been added to re-circulate a few knives and coins from time to time. With this site, I aim to inspire a new generation of collectors and enthusiasts.

Please have a look and let me know what you think. Comments and criticism are welcome. Check back frequently for updates and be sure to find us on Instagram under the handle ‘jbknifeandcoin’.