Coins Listed For Sale 9/12/18

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1911 Barber Dime MS64 CAC

1865 2C MS65BN CAC

End Of Summer

Hope you all had a great summer. I am always adding content and editing this site so check to see whats fresh. I am pleased to have acquired a couple of beautiful high end Barber quarters to give a different look to my collection. While not actively selling anything in particular on this site, please always feel free to inquire about knives and coins that interest you.

New Coins 6/23/18

Happy summer all! As you can see my knife collection has completely thinned out as I have been on quite a coin buying kick the last few years. I absolutely love the custom knife scene and hope to get back into the swing of things soon. The knife bug is strong and I can feel it returning. Hope to post new pieces in the near future! For now check out some of the gorgeous coins I have added to the site. While nothing is actively for sale, always feel free to make an offer or inquire about anything on this site. Cheers!

New Coins Posted

New gold, silver and copper coins added to gallery.