Announcing Site Re-Launch

I am proud to announce the re-launch of the Jon Brand Collection online. This Web site represents my personal collection of  great handmade knives, and my love of knife collecting. Please feel free to browse the galleries and share in my enjoyment of this unique hobby. Feel free to use the contact form to get in touch.


7 Responses to Announcing Site Re-Launch

  • Jim Cooper says:

    Hi Jon,

    This site is a credit to our passions and collection desires. Very well laid out and simply clear. I wish you many more years and subjects. Thanks for doing this!


  • Jos says:


    Nice website! Impressive collection.

    Kind regards,


  • Steven Janik says:

    Thanks for sharing yout lovely collection. Your passion for fine knives is an inspiration to us all, makers and collectors alike.

    Very respectfully,

  • Don Hanson says:


    I just had a good look at your site here. Very well done and impressive!

    You are an asset to the custom knife community.


  • Kevin Evans says:

    Been hearing about your sight ,very well done !
    Some outstanding knives here.
    I get a big kick out of your previously owned section,
    I think I know where most of them reside now.LOL
    Good job young man !
    Kevin Evans

  • David Stifle says:


    You have a great collection, and the knives are stunningly pictured. All you need now is a world class blade with a fantastic hamon, a Don Fogg perhaps?. That would add lovely balance. This site is Very nice, good job all around.


  • Jon, this is very nice. As a fellow collector, I need something just like this. Thanks for giving us a look.

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